Apr 18 2019

The Texas Lemon Law is extremely complex and specific. There’s a lot to take into account when attempting to navigate these confusing laws, and many consumers overestimate their ability to successfully file a claim against the manufacturer. From providing detailed evidence of repairs to meeting the state-approved filing deadlines and ensuring that your vehicle meets all of the requirements established in the Texas Lemon Law or other relevant laws, getting relief for your lemon in the State of Texas can feel like an uphill battle.

If you believe the new car you purchased is defective, consult the Texas Lemon Law attorney at The Law Office of Darin Siefkes, PLLC, to see if you qualify for relief under the Texas Lemon Law or other statutes. We can help you avoid the pitfalls of negotiating directly with the manufacturer.

Manufacturers Have the Tools to Dismiss Faulty Claims

Manufacturers understand that achieving impeccable quality control is nearly impossible even while employing the most rigorous processes and standards. Occasionally, lemons will slip through the cracks and customers will be disappointed, but they can’t afford to provide relief for every minor issue that comes down the pipeline. When consumers attempt to negotiate with the manufacturer without first consulting an attorney, they are often surprised to find that their claim is quickly dismissed.

Manufacturers employ experienced paralegals to assess cases, giving them a distinct advantage over the average consumer and greatly reducing your ability to obtain relief under the Texas Lemon Law. If your car has been spending more and more time at your dealership’s certified service center for a recurring issue, consult the Texas Lemon Law lawyer at The Law Office of Darin Siefkes, PLLC, before trying to negotiate with the manufacturer yourself.

Consumers May Assume That They Have a Case

Qualifying for potential relief under the Texas Lemon Law is more complex than recognizing an issue with your new vehicle. Not only does your vehicle need to meet an array of criteria before qualifying, you must also have the proper documentation to prove that you took the right actions leading up to your claim. Texas Lemon Law attorney can help you determine whether you meet the legal provisions for “reasonable attempts” to repair your defective vehicle by guiding you through the process of the Four Times Test, Serious Safety Hazard Test, or 30 Day Test.

Additionally, an attorney can review your repair invoices, warranty, and other relevant documentation and prepare it to be presented to the manufacturer. Understanding whether or not your vehicle meets these requirements is essential for determining your eligibility for relief under the Texas Lemon Law. If it turns out that you don’t qualify under the Texas Lemon Law, an attorney could still help you seek relief under a different statute. Even though you didn’t intend to buy a defective vehicle and you strongly believe that you have a case, assuming that your vehicle qualifies will only mar your chances of obtaining relief.

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