Jan 13 2022

A Lubbock lemon law attorney can present your case in court and argue that your vehicle is a lemon. With the right information, expertise, and experience, a Lubbock lemon law firm can get you compensation for your lemon. When this happens, there are three types of compensation that you may potentially receive. Here are your options if your car is a lemon. 

Repair the Lemon

The first option is to have the lemon repaired. One of the reasons why manufacturers push back when you say that your car is a lemon is because of the costs of the repairs. Paying for those repairs means that they make a smaller profit on the sale of that vehicle. In some cases, the cost of repairs can be substantial enough that replacing the vehicle may be a better option. 

The cost of repairs greatly depends on the problem with the vehicle. For example, replacing a transmission can be very expensive. If you case is decided in your favor, then the manufacturer may have to cover these costs and get your vehicle back into working order. 

Replace the Lemon

In most cases, lemons are relatively rare. You may have received the one lemon out of hundreds of similar vehicles. If repairing your lemon is not an acceptable option, then replacing it with a similar vehicle may be an option. 

The manufacturer may choose to provide a matching vehicle as a replacement for your vehicle. While this is less common than repairing or repurchasing your car, it is an option. If you believe that the company has a good reputation and you are willing to try another vehicle of the same make and model, then this may be the best option for you. 

Repurchase the Lemon

In some cases, where repairing and replacing your lemon is not an option, the manufacturer may repurchase it instead. Having a lemon bought back by the manufacturer is relatively rare, but it can happen. It may largely depend on the problem with the vehicle. 

For example, having an engine malfunction may mean that it is easier for the manufacturer to repurchase the vehicle instead of trying to repair it. If the vehicle has a more easily fixed problem, the chances of having the vehicle repurchased are slim. Whatever the case, your lawyer can advise you on the different options and which is most likely based on the specifics of your case. 

Work With a Lubbock Lemon Law Firm

To ensure that you receive compensation for your lemon, you need the help of a Lubbock lemon law firm. Handling lemon law cases can be very complex and you need someone with the experience and the resources to help you. Contact a Lubbock Lemon Lawyer from The Law Office of Darin Siefkes for assistance. We have years of experience and the resources to take on lemon law cases. 

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