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The Dealership Scammed Me

The auto industry has a poor reputation for honesty and integrity. The used car industry has an even worse reputation. Generally, we find that most dealers are trying their best to help their customers. But occasionally, we hear of odometers being rolled back, titles not being delivered, salvage or lemon titles and false representations by sales people. It has been a part of the car business since before the Model T.

Sadly, none of the above situations are covered by the Texas Lemon Law. The Texas Lemon Law primarily applies to new vehicles that have repeat warranty repairs. A claim under the Texas Lemon Law is a claim against the manufacturer and not the dealer. In the above issues (odometers, title issues, financing), the claim will be against the dealer and is not related to the vehicle warranty. For these claims against the dealership, the Texas Lemon Law will provide you no help. Your best bet is to contact a consumer attorney if your claim is against the dealership. Remember, the Texas Lemon Law is a claim against the manufacturer of your vehicle and not the dealership. If your main complaint is with what the dealership did, the Texas Lemon Law cannot help you.