Jul 26 2021

Anyone can file a Lemon Law claim for their vehicle. Like the many other laws, there are limits to how long the Lemon Law applies. Let’s take a deeper look at how long you have to file your Texas Lemon Law claim.

Time and Distance Requirements

Texas Lemon Law applies based on time and distance requirements. Once a qualification is met, the statute of limitations begins.

A statute of limitations is a legal time limit for how long a claim can be filed under a specific law. Most laws have statutes of limitation, especially those that are very time-sensitive. In Texas, the statute of limitations for the Texas Lemon Law is six months. You can file a successful Lemon Law claim if it is within six months of:

  • Owning your car for 24 months
  • Reaching 24,000 miles in your car
  • The manufacturer’s warranty expiring

Whichever Comes First

The statute of limitations is activated by the first qualification that you meet. For example, owning your car for 10 months and driving 24,000 miles in that time activates the statute of limitations. Alternatively, driving 10,000 miles within 24 months also activates the statute of limitations.

If you are unsure if your vehicle is in the statute of limitations for the Texas Lemon Law, contact a lemon law lawyer as soon as possible. Determining the statute of limitations can be difficult, but your lawyer can help you start the claim process and advise you further.
Attention to detail is important when preparing a claim. There is no mechanism in place in the legal system to prevent anyone from filing a lawsuit. However, you could be stuck with sunk costs if your case is dropped by the court on a technicality. Before you take action, make sure you can do so within the restrictions of the law.

Limits to File a Claim, Not Resolve It

It is important to note that the time limitations on the claim are for filing the claim, not for resolving the legal issues. In short, your claim must be filed with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles prior to exceeding any of the limitations for it to be valid. Work with an Austin Lemon Law Firm to get your claim filed as soon as possible.

Filing Claims Takes Time

One of the biggest problems in filing a Lemon Law claim is that many people wait too long to start. Any legal proceeding takes time to prepare for. To avoid issues, contact an Austin Lemon Law Attorney as soon as possible. Even if you think you may be too late, consult an attorney anyway. That way, you can be sure of where you stand with the requirements.

If you think you are driving a lemon, take action right away to make sure that you are covered. Contact an Austin Lemon Law Attorney for assistance.

If you have more questions on the Lemon Law, get a Free Case Evaluation today!