Aug 24 2021

Mr. Darin Siefkes is the Founder and Lead Attorney of The Law Office of Darin Siefkes in Austin, Texas. He holds licenses to practice law in Texas, Florida and Missouri. For the last 14 years, Attorney Darin Siefkes has worked on lemon vehicle cases, helping hundreds of consumers get the relief they deserve from automotive manufacturers under the Texas Lemon Law and other vehicle warranty statutes.

Mr. Darin Siefkes helped consumers with their lemon law cases at Krukas & Siefkes, before merging the firm’s Texas practice into The Law Office of Darin Siefkes, PLLC.

Darin’s fascination with cars started at a young age. Once old enough to drive, he started restoring and showing cars. In fact, his restored 1967 Mustang has won numerous car show awards and was no stranger to the race tracks.

Darin understands that your new vehicle is one of your most important possessions. It should provide a safe and functional way to transport you and your family. It should provide reliable transportation to and from work, for errands, and the occasional road trip. A new vehicle should not become a liability or a burden.

Darin helps consumers understand their rights under the Texas Lemon Law, and educates his clients on the options available to them. In addition to helping consumers with vehicle warranty issues, Darin has represented small and large businesses regarding employment, intellectual property, corporate formations, transnational business, and civil litigation issues.

He earned his Juris Doctor from Baylor University School of Law, where he graduated cum laude. While there, he wrote for the Baylor Law Review, clerked for Curves for Women, the largest franchisor of health spas in the world, and also externed for Baylor University’s General Counsel and the Chief Judge of the Western District of Texas.

Prior to discovering his love for the law, he attended Kansas State University, where he earned a Master of Science in Mass Communication and a Bachelor of Science in History.

When not helping consumers, Darin loves to watch movies, build computers, and spend time with his wife, Angela, and their two children, Alex and Sam.