The Law Office of Darin Siefkes (LODS) is a lemon law firm that serves the entire state of Texas. LODS focuses on helping people with their vehicle warranty problems regardless of the vehicle. Whether you drive a pickup, car, hybrid, or an RV, LODS can help you when your vehicle manufacturer does not seem to care.

Some of the consumer protection statutes, including the Texas Lemon Law, require that automobile manufacturers repurchase or replace automobiles when they are unable or unwilling to honor the warranty. LODS uses not only the Texas Lemon Law but also federal laws to get the best result possible for each individual client. Your situation is unique and the solution for someone else’s problem may not work for you.

Although LODS handles many cases every year, the goal is to treat each client with the same amount of attention and respect that each member of the staff would expect to be treated with themselves. As a rule, all calls and inquiries are returned as quickly as possible. If you decide to take LODS up on its Free Case Evaluation, you can expect to receive a response within 24 hours from a paralegal or attorney. You may also call us at 1-888-Lemon-TX for a FREE telephone consultation.

About the Lemon Law

Each person here understands that this is probably your first time dealing with a problem new vehicle. It is always best that you take a little time to learn about the statue and how LODS can help. Feel free to review the information here or call with your questions.