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The Law Office of Darin Siefkes Texas Lemon Law

The Law Office of Darin Siefkes is a Texas Lemon Law attorney that helps purchasers of new vehicles for all models including vehicles produced by Vokswagon, General Motors Mercedes, BMW, Chrysler and  Ford. Whether a vehicle is a Ram truck, Jeep, Chevrolet car or a Ford minivan, we help consumers get repurchases and cash damages for their vehicles or loss in value due to excessive repair attempts. Not every vehicle will receive compensation.  However, we will give you an honest assessment and advise you on the best way to  proceed with your potential claim even if it is not with us. We normally resolve most cases without needing to file a lawsuit. Our “About the Lemon Law Section” is an ever expanding resource for those wanting to learn about the Texas lemon law, including our clients and consumers who are having problems with their vehicles. If you think your vehicle may qualify, submit the information about your vehicle and we will evaluate your potential case for free and respond typically by the next business day.